Full Shoulder Consultations

Most of us undertake our everyday activities without giving a thought to how we use our shoulders, however anyone who has experienced shoulder pain understands just how vital the joint's role is to daily living.

One Stop Shoulder Clinic

Our aim is to provide an efficient and patient focused service. A One Stop Shoulder Clinic was therefore set up working closely with our specially trained Musculoskeletal Radiologist who can carry out x-ray and/or ultrasound of the shoulder on the same day. Not only clinical examination, but diagnosis and treatment can be initiated on the first visit.

Frequent Clinics

It has proved extremely successful and the One Stop Shoulder Clinic is available by appointment on Tuesday afternoons at the Nuffield Hospital (01277 695 695) and Thursday afternoons at the Hartswood Hospital (01277 266 766).

Shoulder Injuries

A detailed clinical examination is essential in the diagnosis of shoulder injuries. Appropriate investigations are arranged appropriately and treatment can be started in a suitable timeframe.